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Enact: The Quality Intelligence Platform

InfinityQS enables enterprise-wide visibility into manufacturing quality data, fueling the type of strategic operational insight that leads to global improvements and business transformation.

Enact is a cloud-based quality intelligence platform that facilitates business transformation—an organic improvement cycle that we call “the excellence loop”.

With Enact, you gain the ability to aggregate and analyze your quality data across all your production processes.

Whether you use Enact on one line, throughout one site, or across multiple sites, you get fast, easy access to insights that can literally change the way you do business.

Whatever your company’s size or industry, Enact can help you streamline production, simplify communications, reduce IT costs, and pinpoint improvement opportunities.

By modeling your processes, Enact helps you visualize and efficiently manage your manufacturing operations.

Enact gathers information from any of your data sources and stores it in a standardized format. You can then compare data across multiple production lines, manufacturing plants, or even countries.

Enact’s intuitive, role-based visual dashboards deliver reminders, notifications, real-time views, and on-demand reports when and where you need them.

Re-imagining the role of quality in manufacturing

Today’s manufacturing market is more demanding than ever. Years of increasing costs, competition, and economic uncertainties have complicated your mission: To produce high-quality goods at an attractive price—and an acceptable profit. But you can reduce waste, optimize processes, impress customers, and outpace the competition, without breaking the bank. The key is to re-imagine the role of the quality data across your business. This data is an untapped source of visibility into your enterprise-wide operations.

At InfinityQS, we provide the tools and expertise to enable this level of visibility. You get an enterprise solution that unifies your data and provides innovative, customizable charts, reports, and notifications, for actionable insight into your production processes, insight that can literally transform your business.
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Automate with GageWay Pro Interfaces

Are you looking for a powerful, cost-effective solution to send measurement data from multiple gages into your quality program software? Our GageWay Pro interfaces connect multiple gages and serial devices to a single computer port using physical connecting cables. They can transfer gage data into SPC programs, spreadsheets, or databases without keyboard input and are also an excellent option for situations where gage mobility is not a requirement. As with all MicroRidge products, the GageWay Pro connects to over 60 gage brands and more than 3,200 gage models.

ZEISS Computed Tomography Solutions in the Plastics Industry

Non-destructive testing (ndt), Tool correction, assembly inspection in product development, complex measurements, regular random sampling in production and serial inspections…ZEISS Computed Tomography helps you to perform measuring and inspection jobs at a glance, next to no time to achieve sustainable quality improvement in the manufacturing of plastic parts.