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True 3D holographic displays are practical with only moderate computational requirements
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Inspect nozzle welds using phased array ultrasound testing techniques including ray-tracing, scanner simulation, coverage maps
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Produce large parts up to 300 × 300 × 450 mm without residual stress, gas cross flow, or having to pre-sinter powder bed
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Interfacial launches highly filled, proprietary polymer masterbatches
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‘Completely new diagnostic platform’ could prove to be a valuable clinical tool for detecting exposure to multiple viruses
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Precitech ships Nanoform X diamond turning lathe to Keene State College
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Galileo’s Telescope describes how to measure success at the top of the organization, translate down to every level of supervision
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Realistic variations in glossiness could aid fine art reproduction and the design of prosthetics
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NSF-funded project is developing a model to help manufacturers pivot and produce personal protective equipment
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Despite being far from campus because of the pandemic, some students are engineering a creative way to stay connected
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What continual improvement, change, and innovation are, and how they apply to performance improvement
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Good quality is adding an average of 11 percent to organizations’ revenue growth
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Start with higher-value niche markets; don’t cross the valley of death
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Program to provide tools to improve school performance and enrollment
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Liquid-entrenched smooth surface (LESS) coating repels bacteria that stink and infect
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Leader in workplace productivity introduces document automation product
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Help drive team productivity with customizable preprinted templates
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Stereotactic robot helps identify target and deliver electrodes to target with submillimetric accuracy