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“Rules for Achieving IATF Recognition” (publication of IATF-International Automotive Task Force) is revised as of 01.10.2008. The new rules took effect on 01.01.2009. Some of the changes are comprehensive and apply directly to the organizations already registered to ISO/TS 16949 or in the process.

Issues clarified and/or revised :

· The types of audits which require Stage 1 visit

· Actions to be taken in case of “major findings” in surveillance audits

· Deadlines to clear the findings at re-certification audits

· Audit scope versus “subscriber/non-subscriber” customer

· The cases which require notification of the organization by the certification body

· Visit deadlines per surveillance visit frequency

· Details regarding on-site visit day calculations

· The rules regarding time and responsibility assignments for audit teams with more than one auditor

· The shall statement regarding the use of a different audit team per each audit cycle (should statement in former revision)

· The rules regarding auditing of process performances and customer specific requirements

· The content of “improvement potential”

· The rules regarding termination of an audit before completion

· Content and extent of corrective and preventive actions to clear audit findings

· The types of audits which require an audit plan

· Scope and content of Stage 1 audits

· Rules regarding transfer audits

· Decertification process details

(the word “audit” is used to represent “3rd party audits” in the above listing)

“Rules for achieving IATF recognition” can be obtained through www.aiag.org