Dirk Dusharme @ Quality Digest  |  12/02/2008

A Brand New Day

New year, new faces, same goal: Make you happy

I always look forward to this time of year. Not in anticipation of prezzies under the tree, but for what changes 2009 will bring.

First, this issue brings you the last columns for two long-time columnists.

Davis Balestracci’s no-nonsense approach to statistics has been popular with our readers for four years. Irreverent, confrontational, and, hey, let’s say it, just a bit feisty, Davis has challenged our readers’ inbred assumptions about when and how to use statistics. Thanks, Davis, for four years of wit and wisdom and showing us how to “plot the dots.”

Stepping in to take Davis’ place is a man often quoted by Davis, Donald J. Wheeler. As the author of 24 books and hundreds of articles, he is one of the leading authorities on statistical process control and applied data analysis. He is a Fellow of both the American Statistical Association and the American Society for Quality. Don was also Quality Digest’s SPC columnist from January 1996 to December 1997. Welcome back, Don.

Jack West is also leaving us. Jack has been our encyclopedic reference on the ISO 9001 standard for more than four and a half years. Not only has he helped readers make sense of the standard’s language, he’s also helped readers understand how to implement it. Thanks, Jack, for being our resource for everything on ISO 9001.

There couldn’t be a better replacement for Jack West than Denise Robitaille. Where Jack has the inside knowledge of the standard, Denise has the dirt-under-the-fingernails experience of ISO 9001 implementation. Consultant, trainer, and a reader favorite for both her online and print articles, Denise will share her first-hand knowledge of getting ISO 9001 done. Welcome, Denise.

Also, welcome to Kimber Evans and welcome back to Melissa Gebicke, our two new advertising sales reps. Melissa and Kimber bring a wealth of sales experience, energy, and customer focus to the Quality Digest team. Be sure to call them and say hello… and buy an ad, or two. Call early, call often.

I’d like to take the rest of this space to personally thank all the members of the Quality Digest team who work hard to make this the best magazine for quality professionals. Our owner and founder, Don Dewar, is always supportive, always looking for ways to make sure that Quality Digest is a great place to work. Mike Richman, our publisher, runs the day-to-day operation of the magazine, looking for ways to add value for readers and advertisers, losing hair along the way. April Johnson, our Cheap Financial Officer, pays bills, pesters for money, and then pays more bills. Laurel Thoennes, recently promoted to editor, catches the stuff the rest of us miss. Louise Cragar stays on top of our circulation and answers questions from subscribers. Nicolette Dalpino, our news editor, scrambles to feed the voracious news appetite of the magazine and all of our newsletters. Raissa Carey, our online editor, makes sure the news that Nicolette writes makes it into the newsletters, and the newsletters make it to your e-mail box. Scott Sleeper makes the magazine look pretty and does his best to get it out on time, even though we never get the editorial to him early. Last, but not least, Taran March, our part-time editor extraordinaire, mops up after the rest of us have done our level best.

Seriously, I am truly proud to work with a group of people so focused on giving readers and advertisers the best product possible. Happy Merry Christmas Chanukah Festivus Kwanzaa PC Holidays to a great team and to all of our readers.


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