Quality Digest Live -- August 5, 2011

Overview of Stories for August 5, 2011


QD Publisher, Mike Richman, and Kimber Evans discuss this year's CMSC show.


QD President, Jeff Dewar, interviews CMSC Past-Chair, Talion Edwards, on the progress the CMSC is making on a metrology certification program. Edwards also discusses the ongoing "How Behaviors Effect Measurement" study which demonstrates the need for a standardized metrology certification program.




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Quality Digest Live -- July 29, 2011

The Future of Six Sigma was broadcast live from the Phoenix Biltmore Hotel on July 25, 2011. Guests Mikel Harry and Tom Pyzdek discussed the current and future state of Six Sigma. For additional information on what Pyzdek and Harry are doing with Six Sigma, please visit their web sites:


Mikel Harry

The MindPro Knowledge Transfer System enables the rapid deployment and application of critical process improvement knowledge.


The Great Discovery
Any person, team or organization can transform ordinary performance into extraordinary results, yet do so in a sustainable, repeatable and teachable way.


Lucky Kat TV
Lucky Kat TV is an inspirational and educational gaming and video web site designed to entertain your child in a safe and creative environment.  



Tom Pyzdek

The Pyzdek Institute
The Pyzdek Institute offers training and certification in Six Sigma.

Profiles in Quality: Norbert Hanke--President of Hexagon Metrology

In this video, Mike Richman, publisher of Quality Digest, sits down with Norbert Hanke, president of Hexagon Metrology, at Hexagon's 2011 International Conference in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Hanke spoke about the importance of interacting with your customers in developing new products and services, how research and development affects merger and acquisition activity (i.e., "buying" vs. "making" something new for their customers), and the future growth of Hexagon's hardware and software business.


This interview was recorded June 7, 2011.

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