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SwipeGuide AI Virtual Instruction Coach Ends Bad Instructions in Manufacturing

Natural language processing helps you refine and align your content to instructional design standards

Published: Wednesday, August 30, 2023 - 11:01

(SwipeGuide AI: Amsterdam) -- Poorly crafted instructions can range from being a minor annoyance to posing serious hazards. It’s time to say goodbye to bad instructions and checklists on factory floors. Introducing SwipeGuide AI, a virtual instruction coach that ensures impeccable instructional content every time.

Smart recommendations

SwipeGuide AI is your go-to solution for enhancing instructional content. Never again worry about creating unclear instructions or poorly structured checklists. When you need assistance, SwipeGuide AI’s natural language processing steps in with intelligent recommendations, helping you refine your content to align with the gold standard of instructional design. This ensures that your instructions are always clear, effective, and user-friendly.

Seamless integration for flawless results

When editing an instruction, simply click on the “improve text” option, then witness the magic unfold. SwipeGuide AI analyzes your content and generates an improved version that adheres to grammar rules, structural coherence, and instructional design best practices. You always have the flexibility to accept the AI’s recommendation, stick with your original text, or craft a fusion of both. The SwipeGuide how-to platform allows users to improve their content effortlessly, boosting their confidence and capabilities in content creation. With SwipeGuide AI, you’re always in control of your content.

Global content

Language barriers are no longer an obstacle with SwipeGuide AI. SwipeGuide AI boasts proficiency in 46 languages, enabling creators from around the globe to access multilingual guidance for their content. Whether you’re working on instructions in English, Spanish, Sinhalese, Lao, or Chinese, SwipeGuide AI has got you covered.


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