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AssurX Announces Latest Training Management Software Update

Meets stringent regulatory, legal, and safety requirements

Published: Thursday, September 10, 2015 - 09:25

(AssurX: Morgan Hill, CA) -- AssurX Inc., an enterprise quality management, risk, and regulatory compliance solution provider, has released the latest update to its AssurX training management software.

Ensure training compliance in complex, fluid environments
AssurX training management software is an intuitive, flexible system that ensures proper training compliance, even in complex, fluid environments. Mapping precisely to real-world operations, the software includes a detailed and auditable electronic archive of all training requirements, courses, materials, activities, and individual training histories.

Increase quality with properly trained employees
With automated training management, personnel are always properly trained and qualified for the job. All training is properly documented, and training histories are readily acceptable, auditable, and correctly reported when required.

Ensure training is effective
The training management software includes post-training testing and effectiveness reviews to ensure training is effective.

Manage training and easily audit unique company, group, or individual history
Training histories are automatically recorded for simple retrieval and reporting. Training requirements,courses, and materials are easily identified and assigned for each employee or contractor, which makes managing unique training requirements simple. The software automatically tracks training tasks and sends users notification of upcoming and late training. To ensure training and certifications are completed in a timely manner, it escalates any issues to supervisors.

Meet quality, compliance, regulatory, legal, and safety requirements
With built-in automated training management, the AssurX solution completes CAPA, change control, document management, and regulatory compliance. With validation, audit trail, electronic signatures, retention, traceability and evidence of training, this fully compliant automated training system meets stringent regulatory, legal, and safety requirements (e.g., 21 CFR Part 11, FDA, ISO, SOX, EMEA, NRC, and NERC).

Dashboards for training administrators
Dynamic and simple-to-use dashboards deliver real-time reports and trending in an easy-to-parse graphical dashboard format. Administrators can review, update, and manage the organization’s training requirements, roles, histories, available courses and materials, and documents. Administrators can also manage tasks, access controls, view status reports, and manage training assignments for new personnel and personnel with added roles.

Dashboards for trainees
With their own personal dashboard-style homepage, employees and contractors can see their outstanding training activities and training/qualification history, access training documents, and current and past course assignments, as well as browse and enroll in available courses.

Automate training tasks, eliminate obsolete paper-based documents
By pairing with AssurX Document Management (or other document control software), the system automatically assigns training tasks and notifies appropriate employees as each new or revised document is available.

Lower costs and streamline operations
Online access to documents reduces paper and makes distribution easy. Benefits of the automatic training management software include coordinating training that is implemented across multiple business groups, entities, or locations.

Unmatched system flexibility
Administrators can quickly and simply implement unlimited additions and changes of staff, roles, requirements, and courses and materials.

Configure without writing a single line of code
The training management software includes ready-to-use workflows and forms that can be easily modified. Administrators also have the option of creating their own workflow and forms using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface without writing a single line of code.

Available in two formats
AssurX Audit Management software is available in two formats: OnPremise or OnDemand. OnPremise is licensed software. OnDemand is software as a service (SaaS) and provided quickly, securely, and reliably over the Internet.

Learn more about AssurX training management software and register for the AssurX training management webinar.


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AssurX Inc. develops quality management and regulatory compliance software solutions to help companies in any industry exceed quality expectations, ensure compliance, manage risks, and better govern their enterprise. AssurX solutions securely handle manufacturing defects, complaints, change control, regulatory compliance, supplier quality, audits, risk, corrective and preventive actions, and more.