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2023 CNCMachines.com Skills-Gap Scholarship Now Open

Fifth year of program for college students and military veterans in manufacturing and engineering

Published: Thursday, March 2, 2023 - 13:01

(CNCMachines: Sanford, FL) -- A national CNC machine marketplace, CNCMachines.com helps manufacturers buy and sell used machines like CNC mills, CNC lathes, and fabrication machines.

The mission at CNCMachines.com is to help U.S. manufacturers upgrade their technology. To this end, the company introduced the CNC Machines Scholarship program in 2018, and has awarded more then $14,000 in scholarships to more than a half-dozen students and veterans. The company takes great pride in encouraging and empowering the next generation of American manufacturers through this scholarship program.

The CNC Machines Scholarship Program is offering two scholarships worth $2,500 each to college students and U.S. military veterans pursuing a degree in manufacturing or engineering. This is an opportunity for promising students and service members alike to receive financial assistance for their education.

“For the United States to rise to the challenge of global competition and remain competitive, we must ensure that the next generation of workers has the skills necessary to succeed in modern manufacturing environments," says Curt Doherty, CEO of CNC Machines. “Through this scholarship program, we hope to inspire students and veterans to pursue a career in manufacturing or related fields by providing them with financial assistance for their education.”

The scholarship is part of CNC Machines’ commitment to reducing the skills gap in the manufacturing industry. “We believe that providing support for students and veterans pursuing a career in manufacturing or engineering is an important step toward closing this gap,” says Doherty. “We’re proud to recognize those who have put forth tremendous effort in their studies and look forward to seeing these young professionals contribute to the future of American manufacturing.”

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must submit a 1,000- to 1,300-word essay via CNC Machines’ online form and must be actively pursuing a certification, certificate, associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in manufacturing, engineering, or similar fields.

Submission deadline is Friday, Sept. 29, 2023. For more information about eligibility requirements and details on how to submit your application, visit https://cncmachines.com/scholarship. You can also contact Jonathan Alonso, CNCMachines.com, (844) 262–6789, or email jonathan@cncmachines.com.


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