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Sparta Systems Inc.


Steps to Ensure Supply Quality for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Four crucial steps will help companies ensure supply quality, improve consumer safety, and protect their brand names

Published: Friday, October 1, 2010 - 13:11

(Sparta Systems: Holmdel, NJ) -- In the past 12 months, the food and beverage industry has seen major recalls due to contaminants and bacteria present in a multitude of products. These recalls have cost companies millions of dollars in revenue, resulted in discarded supplies, and even caused consumer deaths. Although governments and regulatory authorities continue to push for stricter oversight of the industry, now is a critical time for companies to proactively implement thorough controls across the enterprise to minimize risk to both the consumer and the company.

Sparta Systems’ team of experts, with its extensive experience in helping companies in regulated industries manage quality and compliance, recommends four crucial steps that companies should implement to ensure supply quality, improve consumer safety, and protect their brand names.

Companies should:

• Leverage enterprisewide supplier quality management software tools to manage and prioritize global supplier relationships, thus protecting stakeholders and consumers as ingredients are sourced from around the globe

• Minimize the potential for incidents in quality operations by automating and closely monitoring critical supply quality processes

• Track and report on nonconformances in the manufacturing process, and implement centralized corrective and preventative action (CAPA) procedures to effectively close the loop on any deviations that do occur anywhere in the world

• Institute escalation procedures for reporting on quality incidents that do occur to ensure that the right personnel are notified and regulatory guidelines are met

As the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory bodies work toward new ways to protect the U.S. public, food manufacturers will be under closer scrutiny than ever to deliver safer products to their customers. To mitigate potential incidents, companies need to proactively manage quality and compliance across the supply chain, leveraging quality management software solutions to improve supply quality processes and ensure the safety of products that reach the shelves.


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