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Product News: EtQ Announces Production Part Approval Process Module

Efficiently manage the flow of information between a vendor and a customer on product design

Published: Friday, August 13, 2010 - 08:44

(EtQ: Farmindale, NY) -- EtQ LLC announces its production part approval process (PPAP) module as part of its latest release, Reliance 7.1. EtQ’s PPAP module provides a collaboration process to efficiently manage the flow of information between a vendor and a customer on product design.

PPAP allows producers to evaluate the components and subsystems that they receive from suppliers, and therefore establish confidence in the suppliers’ management systems. This module ensures that suppliers comply with the exact design specifications of the customer.

“PPAP is a crucial part of the product development process,” says Morgan Palmer, chief technology officer at EtQ. “It ensures that the customer will be getting exactly what they are looking for from each of their suppliers. This ability not only ensures the safety of the end product by reducing risks before it is released, but it also promotes a better relationship between customer and supplier. Ultimately, PPAP provides the customer with the evidence that their suppliers thoroughly understand requirements, the product is meeting customer requirements, and the production process will consistently provide conforming products—all of which lead to improved quality throughout the product life cycle.”

PPAP is just part of the latest enhancements available in Reliance 7.1. For more details on other enhancements to the latest release, visit EtQ on the web at www.etq.com.


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ETQ LLC is a software innovator and the first company to provide a flexible application development technology for creating and accessing custom vertical industry applications for use with a web-browser client. ETQ is the leading enterprise quality and compliance management software for identifying, mitigating, and preventing high-risk events through integration, automation, and collaboration.