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New ISO Standard Addresses Tire Failures

Published: Tuesday, April 11, 2006 - 22:00

The International Organization for Standardization recently published a new standard for tire-pressure early warning devices. ISO 21750:2006, “Road vehicles—Safety enhancements in conjunction with the tyre inflation pressure monitoring,” establishes overall performance guidelines for tire-pressure monitoring systems and is designed to alert drivers of unsafe or incorrect tire pressure. This can improve vehicle safety and reduce the risk of an accident.

“There are many dangers to having underinflated tires, because they are designed for use at their recommended pressure,” says Jean-Pierre Cheynet, chair of the ISO technical committee that developed the standard. “Tire-pressure monitoring systems conforming to ISO 21750:2006, and ultimately extended to all road vehicle types such as trucks and motorcycles, will contribute significantly to improved road safety.”

For more information, visit www.iso.org.


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