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Marc Lepere
The current system for rating ethical credentials is meaningless
For CO2 climate data, missing standards create underreporting
Wade Schroeder
The FDA is looking to make them mandatory
The short answer: Standard weights, rigorous procedures, and state inspectors ensure measurements are fair and accurate

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Standards for plastics enjoy a privileged status
Elsmar Cove is a leading forum for quality and standards compliance
Awards available in Kentucky, Nebraska, Rhode Island and South Dakota
Prior to vote, IAF seeks industry feedback to understand the level of demand from businesses and regulators.
FedEx demonstrates commitment to customer-focused continuous improvement
Merger will expand data-driven insight, advisory services, and analytics for supply chain assurance

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ISO Releases Comprehensive CD-ROM Catalog

Published: Wednesday, June 16, 2004 - 22:00

The International Organization for Standardization has published ISO CataloguePlus 2004, a new edition of its catalog containing bibliographic information for all currently valid ISO standards on one CD-ROM.

The catalog contains a list of all published ISO standards and other publications, plus the ISO technical work program of draft standards. It provides users with search functions by subject area, ISO number and technical committee along with a keyword index. The ISO catalog on CD-ROM contains the list of standards in both English and French.

In addition, the catalog features a list of ISO members and their addresses, the titles of technical committees, a list of withdrawn standards and technical corrigenda, ISO maintenance agencies and registration authorities, and a list of ISO information publications and products.

The CD-ROM is compatible with Windows, Macintosh and UNIX operating systems and demands no particular technical skills. It’s available from ISO national member institutes and from the ISO central secretariat.

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