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ANSI Calls for Participation on ISO Social Responsibility Group

Published: Monday, January 31, 2005 - 23:00

The International Organization for Standardization Technical Management Board is circulating a new work item proposal for an ISO Guidance Standard on Social Responsibility. The first meeting of the ISO/TMB group that will develop the proposed ISO SR standard will be held March 7–11 in Brazil. The American National Standards Institute formally supports the effort, and encourages all members to provide input into the development process. ANSI will be using the ANSI ISO Council Ad Hoc Group on Social Responsibility on an interim basis to help prepare for the first ISO/TMB Working Group meeting.

Interested stakeholders are invited to submit proposals for possible consideration regarding the proposed contents of the SR standard. Proposals are due by Feb. 4.

For more information, visit www.iso.org/sr.


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