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Storyboard Presentations Sought for Lean Health Care Summit

Accepted storyboards receive 30-percent discount off summit price

Published: Thursday, October 6, 2011 - 17:03

(WCBF: Chicago) -- WCBF will be approving a limited number of storyboard/poster presentations for display at the WCBF 11th Annual Lean, Six Sigma, and Business Improvement in Healthcare Summit, taking place at the New Orleans Marriott, May 15–18, 2012.

Presenters will need to be available to discuss their storyboards on both days of the summit, May 16 and 17, during the morning and afternoon refreshment breaks. This is an excellent method to gain recognition for your process improvement initiatives at the largest networking event of the year for practitioners, leading experts, and senior executives involved with achieving process and business excellence in health care.

The authors of all the accepted storyboard presentations will receive a 30-percent discount to attend the summit off the full summit price, and a prize will be presented to the winning poster presentation at the event. Discounts cannot be applied retroactively, if you have already registered.

To be considered, please email an abstract of your presentation proposal to reg@wcbf.com. Abstracts should be up to 250 words in length, outlining the project covered. The deadline for submitting abstracts is Friday March 30, 2012. However, it is recommended that you submit them as soon as possible, as WCBF has limited display sections, and display positions can go months before the official deadline date.

All applicants will be informed if their storyboard has been accepted within five days of receipt.

A storyboard should be approximately 4 ft wide and 3 ft high, displayed on tabletops alongside the exhibition.

Further details regarding the required format of storyboard presentations will be given to successful presenters.

Please note, the program is still in production, and the full agenda and full speaker lineup will be published on Oct. 29, 2011. However, to get a feel for this event you can view the links below for the 2011 summit.

View the more than 40 PowerPoint presentations from the WCBF 2011 summit. (Click Conference Program, when you reach the site)


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