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PowerSteering Software

Six Sigma

New Six Sigma Software Solution

Published: Tuesday, June 15, 2004 - 22:00

PowerSteering Software, the leading provider of Six Sigma enterprise program management software, has announced the availability of PowerSixSigma, its first software solution designed exclusively to meet the advanced requirements of Six Sigma quality initiatives.

Using its popular PowerSteering enterprise program management software as a foundation, the company has significantly enhanced the solution to fully support quality leaders’ needs for real-time tracking, best practice leverage and the successful execution of thousands of simultaneous Six Sigma projects.

"For more than five years, our customers have been using PowerSteering to manage and monitor Six Sigma initiatives," says David Boghossian, CEO and co-founder of PowerSteering Software. "We have listened carefully to the feedback of companies like EMC, Pitney Bowes, Raytheon, Tyco and G.E. to dramatically refine our solution to meet the specific requirements of Six Sigma project leaders. As a result, PowerSixSigma is the industry’s best enterprise solution for managing billions of dollars of quality savings."

Major enhancements to PowerSixSigma include benefits tracking (new metrics capabilities allow for tracking more complex projects), registration (a new option that allows executives to update registration information and track accomplishments), process support (with enhancements to workflow, role definitions and project execution through a simple interface) and internalization (with new multilanguage support and currency conversion with greater visibility for global and multinational quality initiatives). In addition, PowerSixSigma includes available advanced reporting and dashboarding capabilities that enable simple portfolio drill-down and executive review.

"Six Sigma quality programs are critical to Tyco Healthcare’s continued long-term leadership, and our quality goals have given rise to a new thought process on how we track our successes," says Joel Halpern, operational excellence manager at Tyco Healthcare. "PowerSteering’s new enhancements to PowerSixSigma allow us the flexibility to observe, store and report on our initiatives in real time. We hope that this will further our ability to validate new projects, decrease costs, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately generate higher value for our stakeholders."

PowerSteering software is currently being used to manage more than $15 billion in target savings, supporting more than 35,000 active users and more than 100,000 projects with global clients such as EMC, Tyco, Pitney Bowes, Raytheon, Diageo, Noranda and GE.

"Six Sigma has become a rallying cry among most large companies, particularly those with multiple locations, multiple product lines and multiple divisions," says Dan Miklovic, vice president and research director at Gartner Inc. "Being able to precisely record and report on the bottom-line benefits of those Six Sigma initiatives is critical for quality managers, division managers and chief financial officers. Six Sigma is about business, and business data is what marks a high return from Six Sigma investments."

To learn more about PowerSixSigma, click here.


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PowerSteering Software

PowerSteering Software is the leader in on-demand enterprise project and portfolio management solutions for managing lean Six Sigma, product development, information technology, and other enterprise initiatives. Its easy-to-use software provides executives at Ecolab, Lloyds Register, Merck, Shaw, Tyco, United Airlines, and more than 140 other customers with executive visibility, strategy alignment, and enhanced team productivity to drive strategy and accelerate results across the enterprise.