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Instantis’ Executive Advisory Board Welcomes Renowned Six Sigma Experts

Published: Monday, April 19, 2004 - 22:00

Instantis, a provider of software solutions for managing enterprise performance initiatives has established a Six Sigma executive advisory board.

Instantis created the board with hopes of bringing together key practitioners to define the company’s future direction and advise Instantis in supporting enterprise deployments with software solutions. The advisory board represents decades of Six Sigma knowledge and implementation expertise.

"We are delighted and honored to begin our engagement with this elite group of Six Sigma specialists," says Prasad Raje, CEO and founder of Instantis. "We look forward to leveraging their insight in perfecting our solutions and enhancing our capability to service customer needs. This relationship with Instantis by such a well-respected group of leaders in the Six Sigma business is an unmatched endorsement of our company."

The newly announced Six Sigma Executive Advisory Board members are:

  • Bruce Hayes, managing partner of Six Sigma Advantage
  • Roxanne O’Brasky, president and founder of ISSSP
  • Pete Pande, president of Pivotal Resources
  • Don Redinius, president and COO of Savvi International Corp.
  • Dick Smith, IBM Business Consulting Services partner
  • Steve Zinkgraf, CEO of Sigma Breakthrough Technologies

"I have seen Six Sigma evolve from a statistical training program to a globally accepted enterprise methodology, touching industries from manufacturing to software development," notes Hayes. "I look forward to contributing to creating new efficiencies in Six Sigma through the expansion of Instantis’ Web-based platforms and participation on the Instantis Advisory Board."

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