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GOAL/QPC Publishes Six Sigma for Business Leaders

Published: Sunday, March 21, 2004 - 23:00

GOAL/QPC has published Six Sigma for Business Leaders, (GOAL/QPC, 2004) a book authored by Gregory H. Watson.

The book provides practical guidance to executives and managers as they design and implement Six Sigma programs. It’s the fourth in GOAL/QPC’s series of books on Six Sigma. "Our earlier books target the Master Black Belt, Black Belt and Six Sigma project team members as the principal audience," says Bob Page, GOAL/QPC’s product development director. "Six Sigma for Business Leaders shines the spotlight on the executive and managerial roles that are critically important for successful implementation."

To write the book, Watson drew from his experience in implementing Six Sigma with management teams in North and South America, Europe and Asia. "A unique feature of the book is that it provides answers to 50 of the most frequently asked questions from managers about the implementation and management of Six Sigma programs," says Watson. "These questions are derived from the experiences I encountered as a consultant to more than 25 Six Sigma program deployments in a variety of organizations."

Watson is president and managing partner of Business Systems Solutions Inc. He is secretary-treasurer of the International Academy for Quality, past president and fellow of the American Society for Quality, and the recipient of numerous awards for his work in quality.

Located in Salem, New Hampshire, GOAL/QPC is a nonprofit educational institution that researches, publishes and provides training on tools and methods for organizational excellence.

For more information, or to purchase Six Sigma for Business Leaders, click here.



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