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Event: 10th Annual Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement in Healthcare Summit

May 10–13, 2011, in New Orleans

Published: Friday, December 10, 2010 - 13:53

(WCBF: Chicago) -- WCBF’s 10th Annual Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement in Healthcare Summit, “Healthcare Transformation to Achieve and Sustain Excellence—Culture, Leadership, and the Impact of Government-Initiated Reform” is the  largest gathering of senior-level executives responsible for deploying lean Six Sigma in health care. This is the only senior-level health care event solely focused on lean Six Sigma deployment issues. This event will be held on May 10–13, at the New Orleans Marriott, in New Orleans.

Preconference workshops: Tuesday, May 10
Conference: Wednesday, May 11 and Thursday, May 12
Final day keynotes/post-summit workshops: Friday, May 13

We all face the challenges of budget constraints, resistance to change, and sustaining improvements, and they are not going to go away without a comprehensive improvement plan. How are you going to overcome these problems?

WCBF’s 10th annual Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement in Healthcare Summit will arm you with the knowledge and strategy to realize your process improvement objectives and be able to provide a positive response to the following questions:

• Are expenses improving year after year?
• Is productivity improving year after year?
• Is quality improving year after year?


Returning in 2011 following our previous nine sell-out annual events, WCBF’s 10th annual Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement in Healthcare Summit is set to be WCBF’s most extensive and best health care event to date. It represents a fantastic opportunity to benchmark and learn from the practical experiences of leaders and pioneers in Six Sigma.

Summit highlights:

•  Analyzing the U.S. health care reform and how it is affecting health care
•  Special focus on lean and Six Sigma
•  Successful organizational and cultural change strategies for Six Sigma
•  Aligning lean Six Sigma with your organization’s corporate objectives
•  Quality in health care: transitioning from assessment to improvement, and sustaining the improvements beyond the project’s life
•  Leadership issues in developing a quality health care environment
•  The financial perspective and return on investment on lean Six Sigma projects for health care institutions
• The importance of regulation compliance
• Lean Six Sigma training, education, and knowledge transfer
• A site visit to Ochsner Medical Center—Main Campus Emergency Room to see "q Track" in practice


Wherever you are on your lean, Six Sigma, and process improvement journey, this is the summit for you. The agenda and workshops have been developed through extensive research with your peers to meet your needs.

Register now

Places are strictly limited, and all those involved in lean, Six Sigma, quality, and process improvement are encouraged to reserve their places early.

When registering, use the following registration code to give you a priority place: 5107EMAIL. You can register online at www.wcbf.com/quality/5107 or by telephone at (800) 959-6549 or (312) 466-5774. Save an additional $50 when you book online with a credit card (applies to full and early-bird prices only).

Download summit brochure at www.wcbf.com/quality/form.php?id=5107.


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