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Clarifying Objectives Critical to Six Sigma Implementation

Published: Tuesday, November 2, 2004 - 23:00

Research and consulting firm Best Practices LLC recently compiled a comprehensive list of successful Six Sigma case studies examining the methodology’s delivery, response and accuracy. Drawn from exclusive interviews and research, the database contains specific reasons for implementing Six Sigma. It concludes that having clear goals before the implementation start is critical to the quality improvement effort. The following reasons were given for Six Sigma implementation: cost reduction, customer service and satisfaction improvements, Wall Street recognition, product quality improvements and increased shareholder value.

The database also includes updated metrics and practices to help companies evaluate current performance and identify improvement opportunities. The implementation tools can help create leadership and employee support, outline job descriptions and leverage systems technology. Other topics covered in the database include supply chain management and order fulfillment.

For more information, visit www.best-in-class.com.


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