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Laurel Thoennes @ Quality Digest

Six Sigma

Books: Kansei Engineering—Product Development Based on Customers’ Needs

Two books explore kansei engineering: one defines it and one shows how to apply its methods

Published: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 - 13:13

What is kansei engineering? Editors Mitsuo Nagamachi and Anitawati Mohd Lokman and publisher CRC Press present two books that explore kansei engineering: Innovations of Kansei Engineering defines in detail what kansei is and its role in developing products based on the customer’s feelings, wants, and needs; and Kansei/Affective Engineering guides readers through the processes for gathering, analyzing, and applying customers’ choices to product design.

Innovations of kansei engineering

Innovations of Kansei Engineering explains this methodology and the developmental process related to designing a product. Readers learn how to construct an intelligent computer system to support new product development using the neural network model and fuzzy logic. It also addresses product quality control management and presents statistical methods of design.

Included in Innovation of Kansei Engineering:

• Thorough and comprehensive explanation of kansei engineering

• Case studies involving cars, brassieres, housing, and word sound image

• Statistical methods and design processes within different types of kansei engineering

• Kansei and quality management

• The process of developing a new product


Kansei/affective engineering

Kansei/Affective Engineering explores how to apply this methodology and gives specific cases of kansei-developed products. Psychological surveys are explained. Also given are methods for psycho-physiological measurement of consumer feelings and the multivariate statistical analysis of this survey data, including rough set models.

Because soft computing technology is very useful from the viewpoint of product design, the book describes the Expert system, neural networks, general assembly, and other methods that are relevant to support the designer’s decision or the customer’s choice. Many applied examples in areas such as automotive, home electrics, appliances, cosmetics, packaging, and e-commerce business are included.

Included in Kansei/Affective Engineering:

• The history of kansei/affective engineering

• Product development methods, psychological methods, and psycho-physiological methods of kansei/affective engineering

• Statistical analysis and rough set models used

• A soft computing system for kansei/affective engineering

• Web design, fast-moving goods, powered hand tools, and kansei/affective engineering

• Quality function deployment and kansei


Nagamachi is professor emeritus at Hiroshima University, in Japan, and the president of the International Kansei Design Institute. Lokman has a doctorate degree in philosophy, a master of science degree, and a bachelor of engineering. She teaches at the Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), in Malaysia.


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