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American and European Six Sigma in Finance Conferences Scheduled

Published: Sunday, March 14, 2004 - 23:00

IXPERION has scheduled this year’s American and European Six Sigma in Finance conferences for April 20 and 21 in Chicago and May 25 and 26 in London.

The events will respond to the growing demand for an unbiased information platform focused exclusively on Six Sigma for finance operations that are tightly regulated and prone to substantial financial risk. Presidents, vice presidents and senior Six Sigma leaders will gather in Chicago and London to discuss how to reduce variation and enrich their strategies with Six Sigma tools.

"All senior quality practitioners speaking at the conferences see Six Sigma as a strategic management goal," explains Uwe Brunssen, conference director at IXPERION. "Six Sigma is increasingly accepted as the best approach to creating clear deliverables and providing a universal internal language in the financial industry."

Organizations presenting at the conference include GE Mortgage Insurance, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, HSBC, Zurich Financial Services, Motorola, the U.S. Mint, Lloyds TSB, JP Morgan Chase Asset Management, Wachovia, Capital One, Wells Fargo Bank, Toshiba, Sun Microsystems, Skandia and NCR Finance, among others.

Presentations at the conference are developed for those responsible for delivering high-quality financial products to customers. Delegates can also register for interactive Six Sigma workshops and master classes at each conference, accruing a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical insight on topics such as transactional lean and Six Sigma, design for Six Sigma in finance, project selection and creating a voice of the customer infrastructure.

For more information about the conferences, or to register, click here.


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