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ETQ Launches Newest Version of Reliance NXG Quality Management System

Features customer-driven updates to training management, empowers staff to drive quality improvement

Published: Thursday, December 1, 2022 - 12:01

(ETQ: Burlington, MA) -- ETQ, part of Hexagon, has launched a new release of its award-winning, cloud-native QMS, Reliance NXG, providing an updated version of its popular training management application to enable better visibility and tracking of training activity. The Training Management enhancements, along with an improved user experience in Reliance NXG, make it easier for enterprise users to optimize quality and safety management.

“Quality now touches all phases and roles within the product life cycle—from connected workers and shop-floor engineering managers to new product designers and others—which means an effective QMS and training system must provide a more intuitive user experience,” says Jamie Fernandes, ETQ vice president of product management. “The newest version of Reliance NXG and Training Management were designed in response to customer requests for greater usability, visibility, and training management adaptability.”

Key enhancements to Reliance NXG

Key updates were made to Reliance NXG, including user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) features that enable a more intuitive and streamlined approach as well as security updates. New UX/UI capabilities include the ability to save more “favorites” for easier access, a new user-specific option providing additional form configurability defaults, enhanced access for users without email addresses, and usability updates to the codeless Designer.

Training Management enhancements

As production processes and related employee-compliance requirements rapidly change, ETQ Training Management provides both training managers and employees with a robust platform to manage training updates and ensure employees maintain competency in their roles. The newest version of the application includes an optimized user experience through improved page layouts and workflow refinements so administrators and training managers can do more with fewer clicks.

Key features include:
• Improved administration for managing courses and trainees
• More data and report views for better visibility and tracking of training activity, such as course-by-applicability views
• Revision tracking through Document Control to automatically retrain identified employees

The new version of ETQ Reliance NXG and Training Management enhancements are designed to help make quality an enterprise-wide commitment. According to James Wells, research analyst at LNS Research, “Industrial organizations face critical workforce challenges today—from recruiting, training, and retaining top talent to engaging and empowering workers. One of the ways they are addressing these challenges is by providing needed data and information through digital tools, including enterprise quality management systems (EQMS) that were historically the realm of quality teams. Clearly an EQMS will have greater business impact when integrated across the entire value chain, including connected frontline-worker solutions. For these reasons, effective training and a more user-friendly EQMS will be key to adoption or ‘stickiness,’ helping transform quality management into an enterprise-wide responsibility.”


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