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Zeiss Announces European Alliance

Published: Monday, June 28, 2004 - 22:00

Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology and the Italian company Coord3 recently reached an agreement to develop and distribute bridge-type coordinate measuring machines.

Both companies hope the deal will increase their profit shares in the competitive industry. For Carl Zeiss, it also presents an opportunity to close a gap in its portfolio and offer customers already familiar with the company’s many other products in the life sciences, health care and semiconductor industries additional products for large part inspection in the aerospace and car body industries.

The joint venture encompasses mid-range Coord3 bridge-type CMMs, and will bring together Coord3’s decades of experience in mechanical engineering and Zeiss’ knowledge of sensors, control systems, and the CALYPSO and HOLOS software.

The companies have announced their intention to sign an OEM agreement. This will enable Coord3 to manufacture and market a new generation of Carl Zeiss technology--particularly controllers, sensors and software, says Rainer Ohnheiser, Carl Zeiss president and CEO.

“The know-how possessed by Coord3 in building bridge-type measuring machines and its reputation were decisive in forging this alliance,” says Ohnheiser.

Coord3 representative Mario Manzo is equally admiring of Carl Zeiss’ reputation. “The utilization of Carl Zeiss distribution channels and the employment of Zeiss components are very important to us,” says Manzo. “As a result, we are even closer to our customers and can provide bridge-type measuring machines with even greater measuring performance.”

Headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany, Carl Zeiss offers technologically advanced solutions for the semiconductor, opto-electronic technology and health care industries. It has offices in more than 30 countries, runs production centers in Europe, North America, Mexico and Asia and has a workforce of roughly 14,700.

Coord3, with headquarters in Bruzolo, Torino, Italy, has been manufacturing 3-D measuring machines and marking-out mould machines since 1973. Today, the company is one of the largest in Italy to produce CMMs and is known throughout the world for its large gantry machines that service many accounts in high-tech businesses. For more information, visit www.zeiss.com.


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