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Toyota by Toyota

Reflections from the inside leaders on the techniques that revolutionized the industry

Published: Thursday, April 5, 2012 - 10:04

(Productivity Press: Boca Raton, FL) -- Written by former Toyota associates, Toyota by Toyota: Reflections From the Inside Leaders on the Techniques that Revolutionized the Industry, edited by Samuel Obara and Darril Wilburn (Productivity Press, 2012), focuses on the purpose of lean methodologies, techniques, and principles. It compiles more than a century of combined experience from management-level employees who supply little-known insights about the Toyota Production System (TPS), featuring many who worked directly with Taiichi Ohno.

The book illustrates experiences at Toyota locations around the world, including the United States, Brazil, Venezuela, Europe, and Japan. Associates from various divisions, including sales, training, logistics, manufacturing, and human resources, provide diverse points of view regarding the application of the lean principles discussed. In each chapter, Toyota Production System experts:
• Share their stories about when and how they learned the specific lean technique, methodology, or concept
• Describe the lean technique, along with its benefits and pitfalls
• Supply helpful implementation tips

A common thread that weaves these stories together is that each contributor had to learn lessons the hard way. Although there is no magical, painless way to learn lean, the authors hope that by sharing their experiences and struggles, you can avoid having to struggle through the same lessons. Readers will benefit from seeing the various approaches used to teach TPS, as well as the unique way these authors translate that learning to the reader.

A comment on Toyota by Toyota:
“What is our purpose?” asks Pascal Dennis, a Shingo Prize-winning author and the president of Lean Pathways Inc. “Addressed honestly, this hard question triggers the necessary reflection on shortcomings and weaknesses that are the fuel for improvement. It is a recurring theme in this volume.... Hansei, the Japanese word meaning humble and frank reflection, is another important concept in this book. Reflection, often glossed over, is fundamental to TPS and the PDCA cycle. This book records the reflections of several Toyota veterans—reflections on how they learned TPS and how they’ve applied the learning in companies around the world.”

Book chapters and contributing authors

Courage, Humility, Kaizen; Darril Wilburn
Stability and Standardized Work; Gerson Valentim Damiani
Jidoka; Renato Eiji Kitazuka with Carlos Moretti
Just-in-Time and Kanban; Carlos Yukio Fukamizu
Problem-Solving PDCA; Sammy Obara
Toyota Kaizen Methods; Art Smalley
Kaizen Culture: The Continuous Improvement Engine; Stephen J. Ansuini
Elimination of Waste in Product Design; Patrick Muller
Adapting Lean for Made-to-Order/High-Mix, Low-Volume Organizations; Greg Lane
Lean Logistics; Robert Martichenko
Leading a Kaizen Culture; Bob Plummer
Hoshin Kanri; Alistair Norval with Darril Wilburn

For the complete table of contents, click here.

About editors Samuel Obara and Darril Wilburn

Samuel (Sammy) Obara learned and implemented the Toyota Production System while working at Toyota facilities for 13 years in Japan, Brazil, the United States, and Venezuela. With close to 30 years of experience with the Toyota Production System by 2011, he had helped more than 350 companies in diverse environments ranging from education and government agencies, to manufacturing companies and banks in a variety of countries.

Obara is a faculty member with the Lean Enterprise Institute in the United States and Mexico. He is also a faculty member with San Diego State University’s Lean Enterprise curriculum. He has been a guest lecturer on lean for post-graduate classes at Stanford University; for MBA classes at the University of Southern California and the University of California, San Diego; and at the Lean Enterprise Institute’s summits in Poland, Netherlands, Brazil, the United States, and Mexico.

Darril Wilburn studied the Toyota Production System as a student of the elite Operations and Management Development Division (OMDD), Toyota’s internal sensei group. Wilburn has led the development and implementation of some of Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America’s most important leadership development programs. He led the Toyota Way 2001 (Toyota core values and principles) implementation at Toyota’s largest manufacturing plant in North America, and also worked with The Toyota Institute in Japan to develop the Toyota Business Practice, leading the global pilot of this program as well as the North American senior executive sessions.

Wilburn is a senior associate at Honsha—the name to which Toyota’s corporate head office located in Toyota City, Japan, is referred—where most Toyota Production System/lean senseis have been trained. While at Hosha, Wilburn has worked with public and private sectors on projects that reflect the current global economic condition. Working with one of the largest mortgage banks in the United States, he and his Honsha team have implemented a redesign of the workflow to increase productivity and reduce cost and lead times. Wilburn is currently working with the state of Washington to develop a lean culture that will help transform the way state government does business.



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