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Synergy 2000 v. 9.0 Maximizes User’s Access to Business Intelligence

New reporting capabilities and at-a-glance access to critical metrics

Published: Wednesday, January 4, 2012 - 12:41

(Zontec: Cincinnati) -- Zontec Inc., a global developer of statistical process control (SPC) software solutions, has updated its Synergy 2000 for its customers worldwide.

“These new capabilities are focused around enhancing the users’ access to information to run their business more efficiently and effectively,” says Zontec president Warren Ha. “We are leading the industry by providing superior functionality so users have multiple ways to access the wealth of information available at the click of a mouse.”

Zontec customers are pleased with the new enhancements as well. “I think the new features will help to provide more information to both our operators and me,” says Jake Mohn, a process engineer at United Gear & Assembly. “It will provide a better understanding of the capabilities of our machines during our production runs.”

Highlights of the new features include:
• A scorecard report card that enables users to instantly get a snapshot of their vital production metrics for up to six characteristics
• A cost of analysis report that is generated using Six Sigma methodology
• An automatic certificate of analysis report that generates information
• The ability to hyperlink often-referenced documents, images, websites, and videos with one-click access, regardless of the file name or location
• More versatility related to trend tests and trend test rules
• Gives users a single view of control limits, specification limits, trend test violations, and notes


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Exceeding expectations since 1983, Zontec is a leading provider of statistical process control (SPC) software to companies worldwide, spanning every industrial class. We are highly respected for our singular commitment to the innovation and aggressive product development of SynergySPC quality software with in-house creation, testing, documentation and technical support. Our suite of high-performance SynergySPC software products lets us pair customers with a best-fit solution. Our software helps manufacturers improve the stability and capability of their process using real-time data for early detection of special causes, continuous quality improvement and ongoing return on investment. Zontec offers a 100% Investment Retention Program.