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SupplyWorks Releases New Software Solution

Published: Tuesday, June 15, 2004 - 22:00

SupplyWorks Inc., a provider of direct materials supply management software for manufacturers, has released SupplyWorks MAX version 5.0.

New functionality in the suite includes enhanced kanban-based replenishment to support lean manufacturing, new wireless connectivity based on Microsoft .NET architecture, advanced globalization features and a host of customer-driven elements to support enhanced configurability and usability.

The new features will free up more clerical time for strategic supply management, lower inventory levels without compromising operations and increase flexibility to configure the software to business processes.

"SupplyWorks MAX 5.0 cements our position as the leading application for managing the incoming flow of parts and materials in discrete manufacturing plants," says Jeff Herrmann, president and CEO of SupplyWorks. "This new release underscores our commitment to offer the most complete and comprehensive set of features possible for managing direct spend and synchronizing procurement with production. No other package can match the breadth and depth of SupplyWorks MAX 5.0’s purchasing execution, collaborative planning and strategic sourcing funcionalities, along with exceptional ease of use for both buyers and suppliers."

Also included in the package is a wireless connectivity solution integrated with handheld data input devices on the plant floor. Based on the Microsoft .NET framework, the wireless architecture supports a complete range of devices running Microsoft Pocket PC O/S and Mobile 2003 O/S.

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