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Marketplace Chaplains USA

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CBC Study Cites Overall Customer Satisfaction Tied to Employee Loyalty

Marketplace Chaplains offers strategy to address the latter

Published: Monday, February 13, 2012 - 09:30

(Marketplace Chaplains USA: Plano TX) -- A recent corporate business council (CBC) study shows that customer satisfaction is often driven by employee loyalty to the company. Many organizations like banks, automotive dealers, and moving companies have found that having a Chaplain Care Team is a unique and innovative strategy that helps them achieve this elusive goal.

CBC study organizers say there is a clear link between employee and customer satisfaction. “Employee satisfaction leads to added value and service, which produces customer satisfaction,” the study concludes.

Gina Meade, director of human resources for First Southern National Bank with several locations in the Southeast, says having Marketplace Chaplains has been a huge help for her growing company. “Marketplace Chaplains have been an integral part of First Southern National Bank’s culture, providing an invaluable service to our team members and customers in our customer-driven business,” says Meade.

Another customer-focused business, Albert Moving & Storage in Wichita Falls, Texas, agrees with the CBC studies’ conclusion. “Every day our employees help customers through the stressful, life-changing process of moving,” says a company spokesperson. “Team members support dozens of stressed customers per week. Having our chaplains available to listen and provide encouragement really helps strengthen our team’s resolve to provide each customer an experience that exceeds their expectations.”

Michael Matetich runs Jupiter Chevrolet, a large, family-owned auto dealership in the Dallas area and says having Marketplace Chaplains in his dealership has been an excellent management resource in his executive’s toolbox to help his employees. “In the beginning, our dealership and employees were always worrying about their jobs and not making enough money, and didn’t really like the job environment,” says Matetich. “That’s certainly something that could carry over to our customers and in turn hurt our income and overall customer experience.”

During the last eight years, Marketplace Chaplains has worked with Jupiter’s employees and their family members, and the change in employee satisfaction and customer loyalty has been measurable. “Now they are asking for advice on personal matters,” says Matetich. “They like working here more because of the family atmosphere, and they know we care. That carries over as well to the customers.”

“When internal customers (employees) are happy, they treat external customers well. Customers will keep coming back. This grows the relationship and leads to customer loyalty,” said Richard Federico, vice president and National Work-Life Practice leader at The Segal Co. in “Survey Links Work-Life Programs to Employee Performance.”

PricewaterhouseCoopers reported in April of 2002 that 47 percent of surveyed executives from multinational companies cite employee satisfaction and decreased turnover as major contributors to long-term shareholder return.

Ray Huffines, the owner-operator of a multigenerational, multilocation auto dealership in north Texas has seen Marketplace Chaplains make a huge difference in his employees’ lives and in the hyper-competitive auto dealership business. “I believe that by having the chaplain service it has helped us attract the quality team members that are a good fit for our organization,” says Huffines. “It sets us apart from our competition. Turnover in team members is costly in a lot of ways; the chaplain service helps to keep team members satisfied by the care they receive.”

“The recurring business theme I see in the dealership is by helping employees; it leads to increased satisfaction, productivity and loyalty,” says Charlotte Turner, a Marketplace chaplain. “The powerful positive impact on employees because of our chaplains’ care is frequently evident to everyone around them—including the owners and leaders of the businesses who truly appreciate our unique chaplaincy service, providing support and encouragement for their employees in ways that they simply could not otherwise offer.”

For additional information on this fast-growing corporate strategic initiative, visit www.mchapusa.com.


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Marketplace Chaplains USA

Founded in Dallas in 1984, Marketplace Chaplains USA has expanded every year for the past 20 years, and now serves in 44 states and more than 850 cities. Client companies with multiple locations are able to have chaplains available to employees at each of their sites. Marketplace Chaplains USA is the longest continuing provider of workplace chaplains to corporate America today, as well as the largest. More than 2,400 chaplains serve from California to Massachusetts, providing personal care for more than 500,000 employees and family members.