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Relex 2.2 Introduces New Modules and Enhanced Feature Set

Published: Monday, July 5, 2004 - 22:00

Relex Software Corp. recently announced that its Relex FRACAS Management System 2.2 is now available to the public.

FRACAS is an acronym for Failure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System. Relex 2.2 gathers and tracks failure data in a centralized database, allowing underlying failure causes to be quickly identified and corrected. By supporting three different platforms (enterprise, corporate and team), it supplies organizations of all sizes with the capability to deliver an efficient FRACAS. According to Relex Software CEO Kevin Van Fleet, highlights found in the newly released version include two new modules, a redesigned report designer, streamlined import and export wizards, interface enhancements, and performance improvements in navigation, graphing, calculations, importing/exporting and transferring data.

The two new modules introduced in this latest version are Relex Dashboard and Relex Human Factors Analysis. The former is a Web-based application designed to allow the user to see the “big picture” of a system.

“Using Relex Dashboard, any number of personalized configurations or dashboard views of FRACAS projects can be created to track the process over the Internet,” says Van Fleet. For more information, go to www.relexsoftware.com.


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