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Helps manufacturers by focusing on problems and problem resolution in real time
Ask questions, exchange ideas and best practices, share product tips, discuss challenges in quality improvement initiatives

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The Quality Group

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The Quality Group Introduces Lean for Education

New e-modules and blended e-learning curriculum help academic institutions reduce waste, improve processes

Published: Wednesday, February 4, 2015 - 11:01

(The Quality Group: Atlanta) --The Quality Group (TQG), a leader in blended learning solutions and process improvement, has introduced Lean for Education, a lean training series for the education sector. The curriculum includes 12 newly developed e-learning modules, designed to help academic institutions reduce waste and improve efficiencies to deliver better service to students and a better work environment for employees.

“Understanding lean and lean Six Sigma (LSS) is best accomplished within an industry context,” says Rob Stewart, TQG’s president and CEO. “So we’ve taken our best-in-class lean curriculum and reproduced the content to meet the needs of educational institutions.”

For more than a decade, businesses from a range of industries—from manufacturing to finance to telecom—have relied on TQG’s blended LSS training to help streamline their processes and improve ROI. More recently, TQG released its Lean for Healthcare series to help hospitals and health systems address major industry changes and become more competitive. Today, the education industry is going through a similar transformation.

“Education has become a competitive industry,” says Stewart. “To attract and retain students, colleges and other academic institutions need to improve the student experience, while simultaneously eliminating process waste and reducing costs. With Lean for Education, these organizations can deliver engaging and inspiring training to their staff so they can effectively apply lean principles to their own processes.”

Lean for Education can be used to meet a range of goals—from creating lean awareness across the entire academic institution to delivering level-set training for project team members. In addition, the modules can be integrated with TQG’s Six Sigma and Statistics modules for an edication-focused LSS Green or Black Belt certification course.

TQG uses a blended e-learning approach, which combines online interactive learning with instructor-led training. The approach reduces class time by allowing professionals to learn the basics of LSS methodology as prework, at their own pace, before going to class. Designed for adult learners, TQG’s modules have been proven to deliver basic LSS knowledge more than 50-percent faster than during an in-class session where the same amount of material is covered.

“TQG’s Lean for Education e-Series provides college executives with a consistent, high-powered approach that can galvanize the organization around process excellence,” says Stewart. “With engaged leadership and grassroots buy-in, academic institutions can successfully make the improvements they need to thrive in today’s competitive environment.”

Next up, TQG is developing a lean e-learning series for the energy industry, and is in talks to create a government-focused curriculum as well.


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Since 1992, The Quality Group has been producing innovative e-learning solutions that improve lives, organizations, and communities. A leader in blended learning solutions for process improvement, The Quality Group enables elegant, technology-powered learning experiences on a global scale with an ever present focus on process improvement.