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Modus Cooperandi

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Product News: Personal Kanban for iPhone

iKan is the first iPhone application of its kind.

Published: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 - 15:35

(Modus Cooperandi: Seattle) -- You asked for it, and Modus listened. On April 12 Modus Cooperandi announced the launch of the first personal kanban iPhone application, iKan.

When Modus set out to build it, they decided to focus on a few key features:

Small screen, many tasks—Wanting to make the best use of the screen real estate on the iPhone, Modus built the application vertically.

KISS—Modus wanted the initial release to be extremely basic. Future updates will respond to the user’s needs, and additional features will be based on user input. So please keep Modus posted as to the direction you would like to see iKan take. They already have a long list of upgrades in their pipeline, but are primarily interested in how you are actually using the application.

Use your data—Integration with other popular time- and backlog-management tools. This first version provides importation from Zen project management software; but only your data can be imported. If you import a project from Zen, you will bring that project’s value stream with it.

Start with basics then build to suit—Each iKan starts with an entry-level “personal kanban” value stream with ready/doing/done sections. You can however, create your own column headings and set your own work in process limits.

In the coming weeks, a series of short tutorial videos for iKan will be available, so stay tuned.

Get your copy of iKan at the iTunes Store.

For more information on Personal Kanban, see the Personal Kanban web site.


About The Author

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Modus Cooperandi

Modus Cooperandi works with organizations to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, increase productivity, improve communication, and build and support highly functional teams. Its mission is to deliver performance through collaboration by deploying modern collaborative techniques such as agile practices and lean thinking coupled with insights in communication and collaboration from social media and social networking. Modus partners believe that the basic tenants of collaborative management are the reduction of waste, an increase in throughput, and an increase in quality.