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Perceptron Inc.


Product News: New Multiline Sensor

Designed for use in automotive wheel-alignment systems

Published: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 - 11:19

(Perceptron Inc.: Plymouth, MI) -- Perceptron Inc., a provider of noncontact measurement and scanning systems for manufacturers and visual-inspection tools for professional tradespeople, has released a new multiline, laser triangulation sensor. The new noncontact sensor is designed for use in automotive wheel alignment systems. The company will provide Dürr Assembly Products GmbH with the new sensor for incorporation into its wheel alignment solutions manufactured in Püttlingen, Germany.

“These new 3-D sensors give Dürr the ability to offer a scalable and flexible solution,” says Mark Hoefing, senior vice president of Perceptron’s industrial business unit. “Minimizing the overall footprint of the complete solution is very important to Dürr. It is also critical to be able to handle multiple car models with different wheel sizes and tire profiles. The new sensor provides a significantly better price-performance combination that minimizes floor space and maximizes model flexibility in our customers’ wheel-alignment solutions.

“We were very pleased with the introduction of Dürr’s new x-3Dcontour measurement system for wheel alignment, utilizing our new sensor at the recent Automotive Testing Expo 2010 in Stuttgart, Germany,” Hoefing adds.

For more information,visit www.perceptron.com.


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Perceptron Inc.

Perceptron Inc. develops, produces, and sells noncontact 3D machine vision solutions for measurement, inspection, and robot guidance in industrial applications. For more than 30 years Perceptron’s hardware and software solutions have helped manufacturers manage their complex manufacturing processes to improve quality, shorten product launch times and reduce costs. Perceptron also offers training and customer support services.