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Olympus Releases Stream Image-Analysis Software v. 1.8

Improved high dynamic range and streamlined document storage

Published: Tuesday, December 4, 2012 - 11:35

(Olympus: Center Valley, PA) -- Designed for multifaceted and complex microimaging applications, Olympus Stream Image-Analysis software v. 1.8 makes it easy to achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy, repeatability, and reliability. Just released to U.S. customers, the next evolution of Stream software saves time and money while equipping users with the confidence to make better decisions based on more precise images.

Stream 1.8 provides improved high dynamic range imaging, streamlined document storage and retrieval, easier reporting, and a variety of useful imaging, data handling, and reporting tools. The software can be used with the new Olympus DSX Series Opto-Digital Microscopy System as well as the Olympus LEXT OLS4000.

One key to Stream’s effectiveness is its advanced high dynamic range (HDR) imaging capability, which provides more powerful image capture. The HDR automatically blends a series of images at varying exposure times, and within seconds creates a perfectly exposed composite image.

Because particle analysis is among the most important applications in digital imaging, Stream 1.8 offers more than 50 different parameters for shape, size, position, and pixel properties for object classification. The software incorporates a detection process that utilizes filtered methods to reliably separate objects such as particles or scratches from the background.

“Flexible and versatile, Stream 1.8 offers specialized application modules to meet a wide variety of unique analysis needs,” says Matt Smith, executive director of sales and marketing at Olympus. “To simplify the measurement and control of steel and cast iron, for example, the grain size analysis and cast-iron modules offer a comprehensive selection of analysis techniques to calculate the graphite size, shape, and distribution automatically without time-consuming steps.”

Stream’s advanced document storage is an optional database for single systems that provides a simple structure to safely store and organize images. This easy-to-use database makes finding, sorting, and filtering images faster and easier.

A unique compression method allows users to create detailed reports directly into Microsoft Word using built-in report templates that are fully customizable. Images on reports can be enlarged, annotated, and saved with meta-data. Statistical analysis can also be accomplished using Excel with the output easily imported into the report.

Users of Stream 1.7 are eligible to upgrade to 1.8 at no charge.


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Olympus is a precision technology leader in designing and delivering innovative solutions and breakthrough technology in product design and functionality in its core business areas: cameras and audio products, industrial measurement and imaging instruments, life science imaging systems, and medical and surgical products. Olympus also serves health care and commercial laboratory markets with financial, educational, and consulting services. Olympus NDT Inc., located in Waltham, Massachusetts, is the U.S. marketing, manufacturing, and sales headquarters for ultrasonic and eddy current testing instruments.