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’Nutty’ Team Receives Company’s Quality Award

Published: Monday, November 1, 2004 - 23:00

Yazaki North America recently awarded an employee team with a Quality Control Circle award for its innovative quality and cost avoidance plan.The five-member team, which called itself “The Nut Finders” is from the machine maintenance, quality and tooling departments at the company’s plant in El Paso, Texas. The team received the award at the conclusion of Yazaki North America’s Quality Control Circle Presentation Run-Off at the company’s Canton, Michigan headquarters. The award gives the team the opportunity to represent the Texas plant—which manufactures vehicle components—at the corporation’s global quality competition in Japan.

The team earned the award for innovating the way a nut is used in the assembly of the forward lamp and dashboard instrument panel of vehicles. The method was adapted for other processes, and will result in a $70,000 savings for the company. The team members are Rodney Robles, Frank Nieto, Mike Otto, Jose Hernandez, Gabriela Suarez, Ferol Vernon and Renee Bullitt.

Yazaki North America has deployed the quality message to all its employees. The corporation supports more than 140 QC Circle teams in its four American plants. The teams compete against each other to find the most innovative ways to save the company time and money. All viable ideas are implemented to improve performance, and the winning teams are able to compete against teams from abroad.

“QC Circle activity is a culmination of the Yazaki organization’s commitment to continuous improvement,” says Fred Randall, manager Yazaki North America ComBU-QAD. “Events such as these really show how employees contribute to our company’s ability to remain competitive.”

For more information, visit www.yazaki-na.com.


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