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Novations Group, Motorola University Offer Online Six Sigma Learning

Published: Wednesday, November 3, 2004 - 23:00

Novations Group Inc. and Motorola University recently announced that they have partnered to offer online Six Sigma learning programs. The partnership is part of Motorola’s 2002 decision to launch a new training program as part of its Six Sigma renewal effort. To accomplish this, it teamed with the instructional staff at Novations Learning Technologies to create two new online Six Sigma programs. More than 70,000 employees completed the introductory e-Foundations course, and the e-Green Belt program was deployed to a subset to the global employee population. The success of the internal program led to the external program offering.

“The impact of Motorola’s Six Sigma process on improving business performance has been well-documented by leading global organizations,” says Craig Sawin, Novations Group chairman and CEO. “As more and more companies continue to invest in the Six Sigma methodology, Novations Group is proud to partner with Motorola University to offer the most effective and progressive e-learning training programs available today.”

The learning programs are available at http://onlinelearning.novations.com.


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