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New Book Demonstrates the Value of Influential Leadership

How influential leaders perform better, are more productive, and achieve greater results

Published: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 - 09:42

Leaders make things happen, but influential leaders go a step further by making a positive difference in organizations and in the lives of people who both serve and are served by the organization. That’s the premise of a new book from AHA Press, Influential Leadership: Change Your Behavior, Change Your Organization, Change Health Care by Michael E. Frisina.

The new book, available in April, details how influential leaders perform at a higher level, are more productive, and achieve greater results than other leaders with similar circumstances and resources. Influential Leadership reveals how successful and effective leaders are driven by a set of behaviors that enables them to become role models for followers, to guide operational improvements, and sustain excellence.

Influential Leadership addresses a universal truth that individual breakthroughs drive organizational breakthroughs. Organizations that flourish have leaders who not only understand influential leadership fundamentals (self-awareness, collaboration, and connection), but also have the discipline to apply them. This book explains leadership concepts to achieve organizational excellence and inspire better performance.

By focusing on behavior rather than technical skills, this book is set apart from other leadership titles. Influential Leadership recognizes there are many leaders who have superb technical, operational, and financial skills, as well as a good understanding of system processes, yet lack the motivational awareness needed to go beyond those skills and become a truly influential leader. This book will help these leaders understand the link between behavior and peak performance, and help readers see how their behaviors affect (negatively or positively) the outcome of their work, the lives of those around them, and the overall performance of their organization. This book offers an important new perspective on how to deliver performance excellence.

Influential Leadership: Change Your Behavior, Change Your Organization, Change Health Care is available at www.HealthForum.com/AHApress or by calling (800) 242-2626.


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