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Minitab Releases Korean Issue of MINITAB Release 14

Published: Sunday, May 9, 2004 - 22:00

Minitab Inc. has released MINITAB Korean 14, a fully translated, Korean language version of MINITAB Release 14, the company’s statistical software developed for quality professionals.

MINITAB Korean 14, which will begin shipping in early June, contains all of the enhancements and functionality built into Release 14, including:

  • A new graphics engine that produces state-of-the-art graphs
  • New quality tools including multivariate control charts and process capability analysis, and enhanced attribute gage R&R
  • New statistical features including partial least squares, expanded DOE and additional reliability analysis methods
  • Customizable menus, toolbars, preferences and profiles

"Korean business and industry are embracing quality improvement, and the professionals leading this movement are using MINITAB," says Barbara Ryan, Minitab’s president and CEO. "A Korean language version of MINITAB will help them more easily implement their programs; it’s our way of saying we’re committed to their success."

Customers who purchase MINITAB Korean 14 also have access to products and services offered by ERETEC Inc., Minitab’s independent local representative in Korea. In addition to publishing their own MINITAB technical manuals, ERETEC offers MINITAB training at its on-site training facility, distributes a Korean language customer newsletter and provides local customers with free technical support.

MINITAB Korean 14 is available through any Minitab office and ERETEC. For more information in English about the solution, click here. For information in Korean, including a free, fully functional 30-day demo, click here.



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