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Mercury Releases Chinese Version of Quality Center Software

Published: Monday, February 7, 2005 - 23:00

Mercury Interactive Corp. recently released a Chinese language version of its popular Quality Center software.The Chinese Mercury Quality Center is an integrated set of application delivery software, services and best practices that allow IT professionals to optimize the quality of business applications before they’re deployed. It’s the first offering of its kind to be made available in Chinese. Mercury Interactive Corp. suggests that the new offering will expand its Chinese market share.

“China’s IT market grew approximately 20 percent in 2004, with continued growth and investment in business applications,” says Edwin Lo, Mercury Interactive country manager. “As this robust investment continues, it’s critical for Chinese enterprises to ensure they’re focused on application quality and optimizing the business value of IT.”

“Chinese enterprises are increasing their investment in software testing as they focus on delivering top-quality, high-performing applications,” says Zohar Gilad, Mercury Interactive vice president of strategy. “We believe that the Chinese version of Mercury Quality Center is critical to business success as Chinese companies increase their use of enterprise software to automate strategic business processes.”

For more information, visit www.mercury.com.



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