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Sepha Ltd

Health Care

Low-Cost Nondestructive Leak Detection in Pharmaceutical Blister Packs

An accurate alternative to the destructive blue-dye test

Published: Monday, April 4, 2011 - 15:02

(Sepha Ltd: Dundonald, Belfast) -- Global packaging machinery expert, Sepha Ltd, has developed the world’s first tool-less, vision-based leak-detection machine for blister packs. VisionScan has been developed to meet pharmaceutical blister-pack manufacturers’ growing demand for a low-cost, modern, accurate leak-detection alternative to the blue-dye test that can be integrated into their quality control systems. It will be officially launched on May 12, 2011, at Interpack in Düsseldorf, Germany, Europe’s largest packing and process show.


VisionScan from Sepha Ltd uses high-resolution camera imaging technology to detect defects in individual blister pockets and weak seals in fewer than 60 seconds. Because it is tool-less, 21 CFR Part 1-compliant, and capable of detecting defects down to 15 microns, it is ideal for contract and generic manufacturers where speed, accuracy, and multiple product changeover is required.

VisionScan is a noncontact and nondestructive alternative to the blue-dye test and enables significant cost reductions during the manufacturing process.

VisionScan from Sepha is world’s first tool-less, vision-based leak-detection machine for blister pack.

“At a time when pharmaceutical manufacturers need to improve quality and reduce costs, VisionScan is the ideal product-integrity solution because it achieves both cost reductions and improved leak-detection accuracy,” says Sepha CEO John Haran. “Customers, particularly those in emerging markets, had been asking us for an accurate, flexible, easy-to-operate nondestructive blister-pack leak-detection device. We used our expertise in blister-pack leak-detection technology and worked closely with them to develop Visionscan. Its competitive price point, high degree of accuracy, and flexibility across multiple pack formats should make it the global benchmark in leak detection for pharmaceutical blister packs.”


About The Author

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Sepha Ltd

Based in the United Kingdom, Sepha has been at the forefront of blister-pack technology since pioneering deblistering for the pharmaceutical industry in 1980, and today Sepha offers the most complete range of deblistering machines, covering all pharmaceutical blister applications, that is available worldwide. Its leak detection machines are already used by many of the world’s top pharmaceutical manufacturers including GSK, Bayer, Abbott and Boerhringer. In recent years, Sepha has extended its global reach and now services customers in 60 countries across its leak detection, deblistering, and blister packing divisions.