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Improving Reliability and Quality for Product Success

New prevention methodology on reliability that’s easy to understand

Published: Tuesday, June 5, 2012 - 13:06

(CRC Press: Boca Raton, FL) -- For almost every sensationalized media report of product failure, a closer look often determines these failures occurred due to inadequate reliability theory and methodology. Current theories and practices cannot solve these problems, mainly because test specifications, especially lifetime tests, express their results as either pass or fail; these results thus provide little useful quantitative information. In a clear, concise presentation, Improving Reliability and Quality for Product Success, by Dongsu Ryu (CRC Press, 2012), discusses how to eradicate failures in hardware products and consequently achieve greater success in the marketplace.

View abstracts of all chapters here.

Evolved from the author’s 30+ years of experience, the book redefines quality and reliability terminology, explains failure mechanics, and analyzes why reliability accidents occur in the products of established corporations. The author presents a new prevention methodology in easily understood, qualitative and scientific terms. Without excess discussions of the complex related mathematics, he creates principles that enable readers to identify problems before product release into the market. These novel concepts and methodology can reduce product troubles by establishing test specifications that produce quantified outcomes that constitute conclusive judgment data.

Many books that cover reliability theory, engineering, and practice are geared toward professionals with advanced mathematical skills and would not necessarily be of use to executives and CEOs, who may not be quality or reliability experts but need to understand these principles when making decisions. This book addresses this important but neglected audience, introducing novel ideas based on back-to-basics quality and reliability concepts in an easily understood manner. In addition, it explains basic, fresh new methods for maximizing customer satisfaction and securing a competitive edge in performance.


• Clarifies the differences between reliability and quality concepts
• Analyzes current theory, indices, and methods about reliability and quality issues
• Explains why reliability accidents occur
• Establishes a methodology to secure reliability with fresh new methods
• Lays the foundation of reliability engineering applicable to any field


Design Technology and Approval Specification of New Products
The Distracting Jungle of Reliability Concepts

Novel Concepts of Reliability Technology
Current Issues in Reliability Technology
The Fundamental Solution for Reliability Assurance: Parametric ALT

Failure Analysis for Accurate Corrections
Problems in The Manufacturing Inspection System and their Solutions

Customer Satisfaction and Comparative Advantage for New Product Success
Market Share Increase and Market Situation Analysis


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