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iGrafx and CommerceQuest Announce Strategic Partnership

Published: Monday, October 25, 2004 - 22:00

iGrafx and CommerceQuest recently announced a new partnership to offer a complete solution for process definition, analysis and execution across the business process management lifecycle.To that end, CommerceQuest has developed a seamless integration between the two companies’ leading applications. This integrated solution enables users to define, analyze and optimize business processes using iGrafx Process and deploy them in CommerceQuest’s TRAXION Enterprise Business Process Management suite. The companies will market the combined solution together and provide clients with a single source for product support.

iGrafx’s solutions are used by thousands of companies for process improvement initiatives such as Six Sigma, lean, total quality management, ISO standards and Sarbanes-Oxley. The partnership with CommerceQuest allows iGrafx customers to deploy processes that have been optimized through its initiatives directly into CommerceQuest’s execution environment. The resulting models can be used as universal communication tools for business users, systems integrators, developers and outsourcers.

“Business process analysis technologies really help business professionals optimize their business processes,” says Jim Sinur, Gartner analyst. “Visualizing the business process goes a long way toward identifying bottlenecks, value streams, administrative tasks to automate and opportunities for reducing error cycles.”

For more information, visit www.commercequest.com or www.igrafx.com.


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