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Genzyme Completes Installation of Pilgrim Software

Published: Monday, June 28, 2004 - 22:00

Pilgrim Software, a provider of enterprise quality and compliance management solutions, announced recently that Genzyme Corp. has successfully implemented Pilgrim’s SmartCAPA solution at its Framingham, Massachusetts facility.

Prior to implementing SmartCAPA, Genzyme, a global biotechnology organization, managed nonconformances and deviations using only paper-based solutions. While the system was adequate for maintaining the CAPA process, it was time-consuming and inefficient.

“A solution like Pilgrim’s SmartCAPA system allows continued management oversight into quality and compliance issues as Genzyme maintains its rapid growth,” says Bennett Green, senior vice president of quality operations for Genzyme. “We are pleased to see the successful implementation of SmartCAPA at our Framingham facility.”

SmartCAPA is a Web-based nonconformance and deviation management solution built on Microsoft .NET technology. The system will function as a single CAPA platform, procedure and database for Genzyme that will capture and categorize all CAPAs by location, product, system, noncompliance and other relevant categories.

“We are pleased to see our SmartCAPA solution successfully ‘go live’ at a top biotechnology company like Genzyme,” says Prashanth Rajendran, Pilgrim executive vice president. “The system will provide Genzyme with the solution it needs to maintain the highest level of quality, while reducing costs through improved, more efficient processes.”

Three more Genzyme sites are expected to implement the SmartCAPA solution by the end of 2004, the company reports.

“We have high expectations for leveraging SmartCAPA across our businesses,” says Green. “We have been pleased with Pilgrim’s management team and will continue to work with them in an interactive and collaborative spirit.” For more information, go to www.pilgrimsoftware.com or www.genzyme.com.


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