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GE Inspection Technologies Recognized as Mechanical Test Company of the Year

Published: Monday, May 31, 2004 - 22:00

Frost and Sullivan has presented its 2004 Mechanical Test Company of the Year Award to GE Inspection Technologies.

The award was given at Frost and Sullivan’s annual Excellence in Industrial Technologies Awards Banquet in recognition of GE Inspection Technologies’ overall performance in the nondestructive testing equipment industry and its commitment to developing technology-driven inspection solutions.

GE Inspection Technologies, formed by GE’s acquisition of the Agfa NDT business unit, benefits from the legacy of NDT technology development and product innovation of both parent organizations.

"GE Inspection Technologies has gained industrywide recognition in the NDT industry as a near-total solutions provider by virtue of its significant presence in the radiography, ultrasonic and hardness tester equipment markets worldwide," says Jaidev Ram Mohan, a Frost and Sullivan industry analyst.

The company offers solutions to a host of end-user markets including aerospace, automotive, power, chemical/petrochemical and metals. The company is expanding its presence in the Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe markets to serve specific end-user application segments in each of these high-growth markets.

"GE Inspection Technologies is focusing on developing manual and automatic image analysis, archiving and retrieval software platforms for better defect recognition," says Ram Mohan. "This will aid in ensuring greater customer proliferation, usage and acceptance of NDT test and inspection results across different global locations."

Frost and Sullivan presents its award to the company that has demonstrated unparalleled excellence in the mechanical test market through diligent management, sizable growth and high-quality product delivery. Other criteria considered include commitment to research and development, customer service and the ability to address diverse global market needs.

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