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Event: ASQ Rewards Achievements in Quality Methodology

May 24–26 in St. Louis

Published: Tuesday, March 9, 2010 - 22:28

(ASQ: Milwaukee) — The American Society for Quality (ASQ) will present three Distinguished Service Medals and 10 Society Medals and Awards during its annual World Conference on Quality and Improvement in St. Louis, Missouri. The recipients are recognized for their innovative contributions and achievements in the area of quality methodology and each individual will be awarded a medal or award during the Annual Business Meeting on Sunday, May 23.

Distinguished service medals

Presented to:

• Soren Bisgaard (posthumously)—Amherst, Massachusetts, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Isenberg School of Management. For exceptional service to the quality community by investigating, writing, and teaching statistical methods and their innovative applications for improvement of business and industrial processes, thereby enhancing the quality of management.

• A. Blanton Godfrey—Raleigh North Carolina, North Carolina State University. For a distinguished career of contributions to the quality profession; for establishing broad quality improvement initiatives in health care, education, and industry; and for personally demonstrating exemplary quality practice internationally by blending statistical and managerial quality methods.

• Noriaki Kano—Tokyo, professor emeritus, Tokyo University of Science. For successfully promoting the cause of quality, for effectively communicating quality principles and teaching quality methods globally, for creatively inventing the theory of attractive quality, and for selflessly serving humankind as one of the dominant thought leaders for total quality management.

Society medals

Presented to:

• Deming Medal presented to Paul Batalden—Hanover, New Hampshire, Dartmouth Medical School. For his leadership of quality improvement in the health care sector, his improvement work as a teacher and physician, and his contributions to improvement of quality of life worldwide.

• Edwards Medal presented to Douglas Beige—Columbia Maryland, COLA. For improving the internal efficiencies within COLA from complicated, paper-laden processes to streamlined and efficient methods; for developing new products and services that meet the needs of the physician community, medical professionals, and consumers; for offering alternative methods of education and training for the health care community; and for his breakthrough management techniques within COLA that will dramatically change COLA and increase its impact in improving the health of people in the world.

• Feigenbaum Medal presented to Kanthassamy Senthilmaran—Santa Clara, California, CSC. For outstanding contributions to quality by developing a methodology for dashboard metrics by applying the critical to quality process; for demonstrated leadership at the section level and elsewhere; and for professional activities supporting training, mentoring, and service to the quality profession and other societies.

• Grant Medal presented to Mohamed Zairi—Keighley, United Kingdom, The European Center for Best Practice Management. For the development of exceptionally meritorious, technologically innovative, and intellectually challenging quality management educational programs at Bradford University European Center for Total Quality Management (United Kingdom) and Hamdan bin Mohamed e-University (United Arab Emirates).

• Juran Medal presented to Jorge Gerdau Johannpeter—Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Gerdau Group. For his entrepreneurial and meritorious leadership of the Gerdau Group; and for his extraordinary vision for and commitment to the development of pervasive culture of quality in Brazil, throughout the Americas, and worldwide.

• Lancaster Medal presented to Spencer Hutchens Jr.—Oak Brook, Illinois, Intertek. For his inspirational leadership, dedicated personal commitment to the cause of excellence, empathetic respect for the rights of individuals, and exceptional role in vigorous support of the global quality community that hereby recognizes him as the world’s finest goodwill ambassador.

• Shainin Medal presented to Stephen N. Luko—East Hartford, Connecticut, Pratt & Whitney. For his work in creating a unique approach to multiple-station manufacturing sampling problems that several companies have subsequently used successfully.
• Shewhart Medal presented to David W. Bacon—San Marcos, Texas, Sigma Breakthrough Technologies Inc. For outstanding contributions to quality in the chemical and process industries through research, teaching, and consulting; and for leadership in education of engineers and scientists in the field of quality and industrial statistics through teaching and administration.

Society awards

Presented to:

• Brumbaugh Award presented to Bradley Jones—Cary, North Carolina, JMP Division of SAS Institute. For co-authoring the article “Split-Plot Designs: What, Why, and How” published in the Journal of Quality Technology, Vol. 41, No. 4, October 2009, pp. 340-361.

• Brumbaugh Award presented to Christopher J. Nachtsheim—Minneapolis, Operations and Management Science Department at Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. For co-authoring the article “Split-Plot Designs: What, Why, and How”published in the Journal of Quality Technology, Vol. 41, No. 4, October 2009, pp. 340-361.


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