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Configit Enhances Configuration Life-Cycle Management Solutions for Easier, Faster, More Efficient Integration

New features enable manufacturers to launch products faster with lower overall cost and fewer errors

Published: Thursday, December 2, 2021 - 13:00

(Configit: Copehhagen) -- Configit, the global leader in configuration life-cycle management (CLM), has introduced enhanced versions of its Configit Ace and Configit Quote solutions to make CLM integration easier, faster, and more efficient for manufacturers worldwide.

One of the biggest barriers to digital transformation for manufacturing organizations is cross-functional collaboration. Powered by the company’s patented Virtual Tabulation technology, Configit’s Configuration Life-Cycle Management (CLM) solution bridges traditional silos among manufacturing design, selling, and servicing functions. This enables cross-functional collaboration for manufacturing organizations by providing access to the same, reliable data and insights. Building on this, Configit is rolling out new functionality within its product portfolio.

Enhancements to Configit Quote, an enterprise configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solution, include:

New integration capabilities: All the functionality that sales professionals need to complete the sales process, including product configuration and quotation, can be accessed via their sales tool of choice, thanks to a new API.
Performance improvement at lower cost: Configit Quote can now be hosted in Linux containers as a cloud service, reducing operating costs by up to 50 percent.

With the upgraded Configit Ace enterprise-grade configuration platform, users experience:

Enhanced configuration functionality: Built-in model calculations as part of the product modeling process help reduce potential mistakes and inaccuracies by ensuring users are presented with all the relevant information needed to make a decision.
3x faster response time: Improvements to the Configure API mean response times are up to three times faster for complex product models; key performance numbers are also available through the API so that bottlenecks can be identified and quickly resolved.
More accessible insight into product configuration:The Configit Ace Solution Space API provides highly valuable insight into all of the valid combinations of product options, which can be used to plan successful product offerings in the future. This capability is now available to other systems and users, including product life-cycle management, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management systems.

“Cross-functional collaboration requires seamless end-to-end integration from product design to manufacturing, sales, and service,” says Johan Salenstedt, CEO of Configit. “With the latest releases of Configit Ace and Configit Quote, highly complex product configuration data can be instantly shared and synchronized with any application. Using these solutions, manufacturing organizations can market faster, maintain a single source of truth, and achieve a seamless life cycle. In short, they can transform their configuration process into a competitive advantage.”

About Configit

Configit helps global manufacturers master the challenges of getting configurable products to market faster with higher quality and lower cost of engineering. As a pioneer of configuration life-cycle management, Configit’s platform is the first of its kind to connect and enable collaboration across functions, from engineering and sales to manufacturing and service, by ensuring the entire organization is operating from the same configuration data. Configit calls it a single source of configuration truth, which provides companies with comprehensive, accurate, and easily accessible data of all their configurable products and services. Trusted by the world’s largest manufacturing companies for their mission-critical functions, Configit’s collaborative configuration platform, built on the multipatented Virtual Tabulation compiler technology, handles the most complex configurations on the market with unprecedented power, accuracy, and speed.

Configit customers include ABB, Jaguar Land Rover, Grundfos, Vestas, Siemens, Danfoss, AGCO, Viessmann, Emerson, Rockwell Automation, Demant, ThyssenKrupp Elevators, TPI, Johnson Controls, Heidelberger Drucksmachinen, and more.


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