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Book: “Lean Safety: Transforming your Safety Culture with Lean Management”

New book provides foundation for a lean safety program

Published: Monday, December 7, 2009 - 14:34

(Productivity Press: New York) -- Lean thinking has been linked to most core business processes, including product development, manufacturing, purchasing, accounting, and the supply chain. Lean Safety: Transforming Your Safety Culture with Lean Management, by Robert Hafey (Productivity Press, 2009) provides the knowledge necessary to both assess and improve a current safety program by using lean tools and techniques.

Written by a leader in the industry with more than 30 years of experience, the book focuses on the culture, leaders, thinking, improvement methods, correct incident and accident investigation, and the proper metrics needed for a successful implementation and enduring initiative.

Lean Safety: Transforming Your Safety Culture with Lean Management

Focuses solely on the strong connection between lean initiatives and safety programs
Explains how a cross-functional team with rotating leadership can be an effective structure upon which to build an effective safety program
Details time-relevant metrics that engage employees in positive proactive activities
Illustrates the integration of the well-known powerful lean tools such as kaizen blitz, process mapping, benchmarking, and root cause analysis


Robert Hafey has worked in manufacturing operations and maintenance for 40 years, at U.S. Steel Corp. and Flexco. For the last 18 years he was directly involved in the definition and implementation of continual improvement.


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