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Book: Jim Harrington’s “Fast-Action Solution Technique (FAST)”

Businesses can do more with less (and faster).

Published: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 - 15:10

(Paton Professional: Chico, CA) — As anyone who’s read the news in the last two years or so knows, it’s a tough economy out there. The number of businesses doing more with less continues to rise, which means that process efficiency and resource maximization aren’t just buzzwords—they’re requirements to stay in business.

Although there are many methods out there for organizations looking to improve their processes, most of them have hefty price tags and take weeks—if not months—to train employees and see bottom-line results. This is where H. James Harrington’s newest book, Fast-Action Solution Technique (FAST), published by Paton Professional, comes into play. Harrington, the legendary international quality guru and author of nearly 40 books on quality improvement, wrote FAST to show organizations how they can use the resources they already have to improve their processes from the bottom up—and see dramatic improvements to their bottom lines.

“In today’s hectic, fast-changing, and demanding organizational environment, there are few critical major processes that are able to be considered for the 12-month cycle that it takes to reengineer them,” Harrington explains. “There are a few major processes that are eligible for the 90 days required to develop a future-state solution using Six Sigma, process redesign, or benchmarking. But there are hundreds of subprocesses in most organizations that could benefit greatly from a 10- to 20-percent improvement if it required a team to devote only one or two days to developing a future-state solution that could be implemented within 30 days. This is where FAST is the methodology of choice for most organizations.”

H. James Harrington, Ph.D., is the chief executive officer of the Harrington Institute. He also serves as chairman of the board for a number of businesses and as the U.S. chairman of technologies for project management at the University of Quebec, Montreal. He’s recognized as a world leader in applying performance improvement methodologies to business processes. Harrington is past chairman of the prestigious International Academy for Quality and past president of the American Society for Quality. He’s also an active member of the Global Knowledge Economics Council.




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