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Procedure doesn’t allow nonconforming units in the sample, has superior detection capabilities
Anthony Chirico
In the politically correct world of PPM defective, MIL-STD-105 is a misunderstood and misapplied specification
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Thirty years of selected supplier-development case studies from Omnex
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We keep trying to find the needle in a haystack
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Supply Chain News
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Features faster measurement speed, onscreen averaging, and auto-rotating display
Mathis will provide business development for HACCP certification in the Americas
By 2025, four levels of self-learning technology will be in play

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Supply Chain

Book: Essentials of Supply Chain Management, Third Edition

Core concepts and techniques

Published: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 - 12:09

(Wiley: Hoboken, NJ) -- Michael H. Hugos brings the latest thinking, strategies, developments, and technologies in supply-chain management to light in his new book, Essentials of Supply Chain Management, Third Edition (Wiley, 2011).

Presenting the core concepts and techniques of supply-chain management in a clear, concise, and easily readable style, Hugos outlines the most crucial tenets and concepts of supply chain management.

The book:
• Shows how to utilize technology to boost efficiency and responsiveness
• Introduces new material on the latest technology and practices available for supply-chain management
• Offers new cases and executive interviews throughout

Creating an effective supply chain is key to staying ahead in today’s complex market. This third edition provides the tools, guidance, and examples to help maximize business performance and create competitive advantage.

Michael H. Hugos is an IT industry columnist, an Agile systems architect, a speaker, and principal at Center for Systems Innovation (c4si). He works with clients to find elegant solutions to complex problems with a focus in supply chains, business intelligence, and new business ventures. He spent six years as chief information officer (CIO) of a national distribution organization developing a suite of supply-chain and e-business systems, and earned the CIO 100 Award and Computerworld’s Premier 100 Award. Other books of his include Business Agility: Sustainable Prosperity in a Relentlessly Competitive World (Wiley, 2009) and Business in the Cloud: What Every Business Needs to Know About Cloud Computing, co-authored by Derek Hulitzky (Wiley, 2010). 

Chapter titles

Key Concepts of Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Operations: Planning and Sourcing
Supply Chain Operations: Making and Delivering
Using Information Technology
Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance
Supply Chain Coordination
Supply Chain Innovation for the Real-Time Economy
Defining Supply Chain Opportunities
Creating Supply Chains for Competitive Advantage
The Promise of the Real-Time Supply Chain.


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