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Retailers that don’t use technology to streamline operations will lose business
Knowledge at Wharton
Create, communicate, and implement the change. Then let employees self-lead.
Karla Jo Helms
How innovators can mitigate the status quo pushback
Sachin Waiker
A study of motorcycle makers shows how focusing on one market for too long can reduce companies’ ability to survive
Adam Zewe
A designer could use this method to 3D print interactive input devices, like a joystick, switch, or handheld controller

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Eiger Fleet to enable more control and automation of distributed manufacturing
Designed to reduce complexity and increase flexibility in design workflow
HP-L-10.10 noncontact laser line scanner takes on broadest scope of CMM inspection tasks with speed, accuracy, flexibility
Quickly add magnetic chuck, precision vise, and other accessories knowing that each will be perfectly fit and aligned
Award is for development of high-resolution SWIR electro-optical seeker
Partnership embeds quality assurance at every stage of the product life cycle, enables agile product introduction
A total of 152 Go and No-Go ring gages
Industrial fiber laser-based marking system delivers top performance at a breakthrough price
Even cheaper, faster, more convenient: IDS presents solutions for the most diverse requirements

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ASQ Announces Quality Management and Software Divisions’ Virtual Conference

Sept. 21–23, 2021, 9 a.m. Central

Published: Tuesday, September 7, 2021 - 12:00

(Quality Digest: Chico, CA) -- ASQ Announces their quality management and software divisions' virtual conference; Where quality basics meet culture as work changes.

With a stated objective of, “Connecting the leaders of today with the leaders of tomorrow to facilitate knowledge transfer and authentic learning experiences,” the conference offers three themes to explore:
1. Quality Basics
2. Building a Supportive Quality Work Culture
3. Quality in an Altered Work Environment

Keynote speakers include:
• JD Marhevko: “The Relevance of Quality; Demonstrating Value in Product and Process”
• Denise Robitaille: “Remote Auditing One Year Later: What We've Learned”
• Nicole Radziwill: “The Future of Quality: It's All About the Data”

Also featuring Tom Taormina CMQ/OE, presenting “The Future of Quality Management is Business Management.”

Click here to register.


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