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Anvl Connected-Worker Platform Surpasses 10 Million Data Points Collected

Anvl’s milestone achievement highlights the critical need for data collection to capture insights from frontline workers

Published: Tuesday, August 31, 2021 - 11:00

(Anvl: Fishers, IN) -- Anvl announces that its connected-worker platform has surpassed the milestone of 10 million data points collected from frontline workers and supervisors. The easy-to-use mobile platform helps companies capture and unlock critical data from the workforce to drive continuous improvements in quality, safety, and operations.

Anvl connects frontline workers and supervisors to make it easier for companies to detect and capture insights straight from the frontline at the earliest possible point. This data keeps management informed, and worker concerns can trigger alerts for escalation messages, helping organizations make better decisions in real time based on valuable data from the workforce. Companies can then address issues faster, resulting in productivity improvements and reduced costs.

“Fast-tracking digital transformation for our safety programs is a key initiative for us, and we’ve been able to achieve that goal with Anvl, “says Cliff Gibson, senior manager safety, Exelon corporate safety and environmental sustainability. “Our behavior-based safety process was rolled out with Anvl in one of our divisions within a couple of months; we immediately saw high engagement from users who had only used paper processes before.”

The capability to consolidate multiple processes into one platform within Anvl allows workers to be more effective and efficient compared to the myriad of applications, forms, and spreadsheets often used today. With nearly 60 percent of the workforce disengaged with their work, Anvl helps drive business performance by providing a solution that frontline workers and their supervisors will actually use. Anvl routinely sees a user engagement rate of more than 90 percent across a broad demographic and range of technology skills. It has collected more than a million distinct processes and photos, and more than 46,000 triggered interventions and stopped jobs.

“Because of the positive adoption of Anvl by our frontline, and the data insights we now have for safety professionals and line leaders, we’ve also rolled out a hot work permit,” says Gibson. “We’ll soon roll out additional inspection processes. It’s exciting to see the speed of change and leading data insights that we can achieve in partnering with the Anvl team.”

This milestone comes at a time when Anvl is expanding its platform. While real-time escalations and alerts have been part of the core features of the software platform from day one, the team recently augmented these features with in-app messaging and distributed push reports, with additional features in the works.

“Finding new ways to drive quality, operational and safety improvements, and keep workers connected is a top focus for many businesses, especially after the challenges that emerged from the past year,” says Robin Fleming, CEO and co-founder of Anvl. “This means leaders are looking for solutions like Anvl that go beyond a technology pilot and can make a direct, positive impact to worker engagement and the bottom line. I’m thrilled that we can help our customers go from concept to value in record time.”

To learn more about Anvl and its connected worker solution or to schedule a demo, visit www.anvl.com.

About Anvl

Anvl is a connected-worker application platform that captures and unlocks real-time data to help businesses improve product quality, increase worker safety, and streamline operations with a guided, digital experience. To see Anvl in action, visit anvl.com/learn-more, and contact one of its experts today. Learn how Anvl can transform your existing processes at Anvl.com. Follow Anvl on Twitter @AnvlApp or on LinkedIn.


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