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100 Customer Service Tips by Larry Williams

Quality Insider

You Don’t Have to Be a Star to Be a Role Model

Your reward is a happy and loyal customer

Published: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 - 06:40

There are leaders and there are followers. There is nothing wrong with following the lead of someone, especially when that person is knowledgeable and imparts wisdom. Leaders often say they hope their instruction inspires people to help others someday. The following tips will bring you closer to that goal.

You don’t have to be a star athlete or famous celebrity to be a role model. Many ordinary people in the community are admired every day because of their tremendous contributions to others. You can be a role model simply because the everyday things you do are above and beyond what is expected. You can be a role model simply because of your caring and responsible work ethic.

Being a model employee is a great place to start. Once you hone the skills for providing spectacular customer service, you’re poised to establish a reputation that quickly expands through word of mouth. People always sing the praises of someone who exhibits model behavior.

Know your surroundings and anticipate how others might react to you. Be on your best behavior. Strive to improve every aspect of how you present yourself. Be especially aware of how you interact with your customers. Listen to customers with undivided attention and patience. Be helpful and project a positive image.

Carry yourself in a manner that shows confidence. If you are an employee that cares about your job, that confidence comes naturally and continuously. Every interaction is an opportunity to improve and build up your reputation. There will always be employees who just go through the motions of their day-to-day routine. Choose not to be one of them.

Role models are aware of their image. Just about every part of your image is observed by someone at any given time. It doesn’t matter whether they are kids, adults, or business professionals—just set a good example at all times.

You also have the ability to change negative perceptions or stereotypes that people might have regarding your profession. Society has stereotyped many professions. For example, what do you think of when you hear the words “used car salesman?” Here’s your chance to shake up some beliefs.

Set a standard of excellence that you demonstrate with every customer interaction. You can set that standard through your actions. Can you imagine the positive reaction if the thousands who saw you do this followed through by practicing the same behavior with each of their customers? Be a standout representative of your profession and lead by example.

Behave in ways that are consistent with being a role model. If you work to achieve it, you will become one.


You may be surprised to know that the majority of people who respect you for your good example are not likely to express it to you, at least not verbally. They will applaud your efforts by engaging you in conversation, smiling, purchasing your product or service, and becoming a returning customer. That’s your reward.

Next week I will help you avoid work-related problems by the simple act of not talking.


About The Author

100 Customer Service Tips by Larry Williams’s picture

100 Customer Service Tips by Larry Williams

For more than 20 years, Larry Williams has been a respected public speaker, journalist, and business entrepreneur. He is recognized and awarded for his business professionalism, community service, and national involvement in a very high-profile child abduction case. Through his leadership, educational offerings, and public speaking, Larry Williams has set a standard for customer service that is recognized and emulated regionally and nationally; and he “tells it like it is” in his book, Customer Service A to Z.